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  • HEALING in every season

    HEALING in every season

  • Take time to FIND YOURSELF

    Take time to FIND YOURSELF

  • Spiritual EXPERIENCES

    Spiritual EXPERIENCES

  • Healing through WATER

    Healing through WATER

  • Experience  BLISS in Manitou Springs

    Experience BLISS in Manitou Springs

  • BEAUTY around every corner

    BEAUTY around every corner

Experience Bliss

Relax in our natural mineral-water cedar pools, experience a yoga or MELT class, and indulge in our luxurious spa treatments


Therapies and classes are available to guests over the age of 13. All guests are required to sign a waiver before using facilities. Guests under 18 require adult supervision and waiver commitment.

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Traditional and
Specialty MASSAGE

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Adult Time Out

Adult Time Out

release. relax. let go.
with Angela LaBorde

Saturday, December 3rd from 6 to 8pm
$25 Early Bird
$30 Day of Event

In the midst of life’s busy-ness, it’s important to take a deep breath and reconnect with yourself. Join me for a restorative Yin yoga practice followed by a deeply relaxing yoga Nidra (guided meditation – don’t worry, you get to lie down.)

Add an hour of soaking in our beautiful cedar mineral tubs for only $15

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Breakthrough Breathwork Meditation Workshop

Breakthrough Breathwork Meditation Workshop

with Kris and Savanna Cassidy

Friday, December 9th • 6:30pm to 9:30pm
$55 per participant | Includes One Breathwork Meditation Session

This simple and dynamic breathing meditation helps you to find more of the love, peace, and passion of your true being.

Benefits of Breakthrough Breathwork Meditation:
• Profound relaxation; release stress, anxiety and pent-up emotions
• Heal physical pain and past trauma
• Open up to more love within yourself
• Increased mental clarity
• Expand your lungs to breathe more freely

Breakthrough Breathwork Meditation is offering a full scholarship for the December 9th workshop for anyone under the age of 30.
To apply please contact Kris directly 719-200-2929.

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The Story Project

The Story Project

“True Personal Storytelling”
Presented by Smokebrush Foundation for the Arts

Friday, December 9th @7:30pm
$5 at the door

Gilbert Mfitundinda
Ugandan advocate for children & community

Jacob Eichengreen
Bus & motorcycle enthusiast

Bonnie Ann Smith
Author, advocate and Artist

Jeremy Tackett
Heals Earth through biodynamic methods and cannabis

Visit The Story Project on Facebook

Sonic Yin Yang Soak Workshop

Sonic Yin Yang Soak Workshop

with Austin Richman

Saturday, December 10th from 4:30 – 9:00 pm
$30 for the whole workshop or $20 for one class and a soak.

Join Austin Richman for an afternoon of yoga, music, and soaking at world-class Sunwater Spa. This three part workshop will start with an exhilarating 90-minute Vinyasa class coupled with live music. Thereafter, you will be treated to 90 minutes of soaking followed by a Yin class with more live music.

This will be a great way to experience both the Yin and Yang sides of yoga with a fantastic backdrop in one of the most beautiful destinations in the Springs area, soundtrack provided!

All Levels Welcome

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Stress Detox for Women: The Pause

Stress Detox for Women: The Pause

with Julie Berg

Sunday, December 11th from 2 to 4:30pm
$28 single / $50 per pair
Add a soak in our hot mineral pools to your experience for only $15


We need to give to ourselves and take time to create space for healthy communication, self care and to unpack unwanted stress.

Stress is real and we need to look at how to manage and maintain so we remain connected and powerful!

In this 2.5-hour interactive workshop you will try out new techniques that can help reduce the symptoms of stress!

The workshop is packed with practical exercises and bite-size everyday ideas. Techniques covered in the workshop include progressive muscle relaxation, visualization and mindfulness based cognitive therapy techniques. We will also talk a little about envisioning a healthy life, guilt-free self care, how to get a GLOW naturally and more. Yoga, confidence building meditations and connection.

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Natural Solutions for a Wellness Lifestyle:

Natural Solutions for a Wellness Lifestyle:

An introduction to Essential Oils with Gigi Chiarello
$5 per participant

Saturday, November 5
from 10 to 11:30am
“Essential Oils for Emotional Support
during the Holidays”

Saturday, November 19
from 10 to 11:30am
“Health for the Holidays”

Saturday, December 3
from 10 to 11:30am
“Sleep, Restore and Renew
in between the Holidays”

Saturday, December 17
from 10 to 11:30am
“Gifts of the Holiday Season”

Join us for an opportunity to learn about Natural solutions for health care through the power of Essential Oils and wonderful wellness products made with these oils. These tools for wellness are invaluable in our daily lives for adults, kids, and pets alike! We look forward to sharing this experience with you.

Gigi Chiarello is an intuitive healer who studies, experiences and interweaves the healing gifts of Essential Oils into her classes and healing sessions. She is a Wellness Advocate and entrepreneur with doTERRA International. She feels humbled to share with others the ancient healing gifts of Mother Nature and to reawaken the healer that lives within each of us.

Holiday MELT

Holiday MELT

with Perri Parkman
Saturday, December 17th from 1 to 3 pm

$35 before December 10th • $40 after

Add a soak in SunWater Spa’s natural mineral-water cedar pools for only $15

Come experience lasting changes in how your body looks and feels. Experience all of the techniques in the New York Times bestselling book ‘The MELT Method’ in an interactive environment.

Relieve the stress and strain in the spine that is caused by the long lines of shopping! Even if you shop online!

Neck-ache, back pain, leg pain and headaches don’t have to plague you during the holiday season! Treat yourself to the gift of feeling great this season. This months workshop will focus on perfecting the MELT moves to help get you through the Holidays pain free!

Learn how to:

• Identify where you have stuck stress in your body, a major cause of chronic aches and pains

• Use the MELT Hand and Foot Treatment, a unique indirect treatment for your whole body

• Improve your Body Sense and notice the changes as your body effortlessly finds greater alignment and balance

• Activate your own core strength and stability

• Use the MELT Soft Body Roller to rehydrate the tissues of your body for greater mobility and ease of motion

• Safely and effectively decompress your own neck and low back

• Relieve common issues like headaches, insomnia, bloating, weight gain, cellulite and more!

Solstice spiral of lights, rhythms, and song

Solstice spiral of lights, rhythms, and song

with Judy Piazza

Sunday, December 18th
Suggested donation $20 (with snack)

Light the way home for ourselves and for a refugee youth!

4:00 Sunset Ceremony
4:45 Spiral of Lights
6:30 Holiday Rhythms & Songs

Spiral and light mark this descent into the darkest day, the fertile time of reflection, only to walk again towards the light and another new beginning.

All proceeds support Doctors of the World in their aid to refugee children in Europe and the Middle East.

One Nation Film Festival Series

One Nation Film Festival Series

‘Children of the Arctic’

Wednesday, December 28th at 7:00pm
Suggested donation of $5 to $10 (tickets available at the door

Half-off mineral-water soaking before or after the film!

Part of the One Nation Film Festival Series & SunWater’s Ripples & Rays Outreach & Education Program

Children of the Arctic is a year-in-the-life portrait of Native Alaskan teenagers coming of age in Barrow, Alaska – the northern-most community of the United States. For these teenagers growing up has become a little more complicated than it was for their ancestors who originally named this place “Ukpiagvik” (“where we hunt snowy owls”). They are the twenty-first century descendants of a culture that has endured for millennia on this isolated, but rapidly changing tundra. The harvest of the agvik (bowhead whale) remains the heart of their culture – in the fall, motor boats and modern methods are used, whereas, in the spring, whaling crews use the umiaq (a seal-skin boat made by hand) and ancient traditional methods.

Join us every last Wednesday of the month for more films in this series

New Years 2017 Yoga and Celebrations at SunWater Spa

New Years 2017 Yoga and Celebrations at SunWater Spa

Come to beautiful and serene SunWater Spa and join us for a special New Years Eve Celebration! You’re invited to an evening of ecstatic chanting, dancing, meditation and positive energy!

We’re hosting THREE New Years Events! New Years Eve Celebration and two special yoga classes with Saul David Raye and special guests.


New Years Eve Yoga: Awakening Inner Light, Strength and Peace
Saturday, December 31st • 9:30 am to noon
$30 • Sign up for two or three events and recieve $10 off your total

Join us for this New Year’s eve class, as we focus on turning inwards, reflecting on this past year, and honoring and letting go with love of all that no longer serves us. In our practice we will turn towards and tap into the source of all light, strength and peace within. Class will include a short teaching, meditation, chanting and a full spectrum yoga practice for body mind and soul.

Purchase your tickets for our New Years Eve Yoga event by clicking HERE


New Years Eve Celebration: Jai Ho!
Saturday, December 31st • Begins at 9:30 pm
$30 • Sign up for two or three events and recieve $10 off your total price

An evening of ecstatic chanting, dancing, meditation and positive energy!

Purchase your tickets for our New Years Eve Celebration event by clicking HERE


New Years Day Yoga: Turning the Dharma Wheel, Activating the Flow of Positivity
Sunday, January 1st 3 pm to 5:30 pm
$30 • Sign up for two or three events and recieve $10 off your total

Join us for the special New Year’s Day class. The theme of the class will be aligning our bodies minds and hearts with the flow of positive energy in the universe. Dharma is universal law in truth, it is the ground of being that all rests upon. All secret traditions use practices to align with this essential an innate flow of goodness in the universe. The more we align our life path with the flow of this energy, we align with the source of all goodness strength and healing. Class will include; Dharma talk – sharing various ways and practices that we can all use to tap into the deeper flow of truth within us, a time for intention (setting positive energies in motion into the new year) and a full spectrum practice of yoga, breathwork, meditation and chanting.

Purchase your tickets for our New Years Day Yoga event by clicking HERE


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Yoga Nidra Sound Bath

Yoga Nidra Sound Bath

with Claudia Ingraham

Friday, January 6th, 2017 • 7:30 – 9:30pm
$25 advance tickets | $30 day of event

The state of Yoga Nidra occurs when you can remain conscious during the deep sleep state.

Yoga Nidra switches you out of fight or flight and into the relaxation response – your body’s natural healing state – where revitalization and regeneration naturally occur.

Claudia Ingraham will facilitate the Yoga Nidra while gently playing crystal bowls, Tibetan singing bowls and Koshi chimes in the background. After the Nidra she will continue to play the bowls and finish with a clearing gong bath to wash away what no longer serves you.

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2017 Winter Course in Manitou Springs

sponsored by: Blue Planet Earthscapes, SunMountain Shala, Pikes Peak Permacuture

Two weekends each month:
January, February and March 2017
Friday evening with full day Saturday and Sunday

Learn and apply the principles and ethics of Permaculture Design, earth-centered education, living natural buildings, integrated food systems and powering down your energy needs

Permaculture offers real solutions for the future as we seek to heal ourselves and heal the land. Students will actively participate in planning and designing a project site. Hosted at the beautiful SunMountain Shala in Manitou Springs, we will enjoy the added blessing of yoga and the peace of the surroundings. This beautiful course can change your life. Come join us!


Introduction to Sivananda Yoga

Introduction to Sivananda Yoga

Philosophy and practice with Michael Lanning

Saturday, January 14th, 10am-2pm
$25 before January 7th, $30 after January 7th

“Health is wealth, peace of mind is happiness, and yoga shows the way”

Join Michael Lanning, SunWater Spa yoga director, as he introduces you to the ancient classical teachings of the Sivananda yoga lineage. In this workshop, you will learn the core philosophy of Sivananda yoga through the “Five Points of Yoga” for physical and mental health as well as spiritual growth.

See how the benefits of yoga reach beyond the muscles and bones to bring a holistic approach to your yoga life. The lecture will be followed by a traditional two hour Sivananda hatha yoga class.

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Add a soak in our mineral-water pools to your experience for only $15


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