• HEALING in every season

    HEALING in every season

  • Take time to FIND YOURSELF

    Take time to FIND YOURSELF

  • Spiritual EXPERIENCES

    Spiritual EXPERIENCES

  • Healing through WATER

    Healing through WATER

  • Experience  BLISS in Manitou Springs

    Experience BLISS in Manitou Springs

  • BEAUTY around every corner

    BEAUTY around every corner

Experience Bliss

Relax in our hot mineral water cedar tubs, experience a yoga or MELT class, and indulge in our luxurious spa treatments


SunWater Spa’s soaking and yoga facilities are reserved for guests 16 and up. Treatments and therapies are available to all ages, guests under 18 require adult supervision and waiver commitment.


Traditional and
Specialty MASSAGE

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with Celinda Kaelin, Saul David Raye,
& Kat Tudor and Cindy Huston


‘Healing the Hoop’ is a three-day retreat to honor Earth Day & Black Elk’s vision. We are living in a time of prophecy; the elders have said that we have entered the time of healing and coming together as one, & that the Oneness of all things will be understood by all humans. We will gather together on the same mountain as Black Elk’s Vision, Tava (Pikes Peak) with the intention of healing the hoop of all creation.

Please join Celinda Kaelin, Saul David Raye, Kat Tudor, Cindy Huston and others at Catamount Center in Woodland Park Colorado for a weekend of intention, community, and global healing through prayer, sacred pipe, ceremony, education, yoga, art, & nature.

FRIDAY, April 22nd through Sunday, April 24th 2016

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Smokebrush Foundation for the Arts presents:

The Story Project

'True, Personal Storytelling' with Sharon Friedman

Friday, February 12th from 7:30 to 9pm
$5 at the door

This month's storytellers:

Libby Rittenberg & Nasit Ari
Risk Takers

Kim Nygen
Art Therapist & Teacher. Artist. Retreat Facilitator

Lyn Harwel
Believer in Community

Michelle Mras
Coach. Trainer. Keynote Speaker

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Natural Solutions for a Wellness Lifestyle

An Introduction to Essential Oils with Gigi Chiarello

Sunday, February 14th from Noon to 1:15pm
$5 per participant

Join us for this afternoon of learning about Natural solutions for health care through the power of Essential Oils and wonderful wellness products made with these oils. These tools for wellness are invaluable in our daily lives for adults, kids, and pets alike! We look forward to sharing this experience with you.

An invitation to learn ...
• what are essential oils
• why essential oils are nature’s simplest medicine
• how to use essential oils safely and effectively, right away
• why we love and choose to use essential oils
• guidance for regaining control of your health with essential oils
• the good work co-impact sourcing does on an international level

Looking forward to gathering as we investigate and experience these gifts of the earth.

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Smokebrush Foundation for the Arts and
White Horse Circle of the World Council of Elders present:


Saturday, February 13th from 5 to 8pm
Thank you for your donation from the heart to be used for our Lakota spiritual leaders.

Taking place at Marmalade at Smokebrush Potluck will follow, so bring a dish to share!

Mitakuye Oyasin!
This sacred prayer, “We are all related!”
All that lives has but One Father,
the Sun And One Mother, the Earth.

Visit Marmalade's website for more information by clicking HERE

SunWater Spa presents:

Thai Yoga for Couples

with Kat Tudor & Gigi Chiarello

Sunday, February 14th from 6 to 8pm
$30 per couple

A delightful opportunity for you and your loved one.

Kat & Gigi will lead you through heart opening partner poses with a special emphasis on creativity and connection. Profound fun for friends and lovers alike, no experience required. Chocolate, wine, & soaking will be available at the end of this workshop to make your Valentine’s Day even more special.

Purchase your tickets for the 'Thai Yoga for Couples' event by clicking HERE


with Angela LaBorde

Saturday, February 20th from 6 to 8pm
$25 early bird tickets • $30 Day of Event

release. relax. let go.
In the midst of life’s busy-ness, it’s important to take a deep breath and reconnect with yourself. Join me for a restorative Yin yoga practice followed by a deeply relaxing yoga Nidra (guided meditation - don’t worry, you get to lie down.)

Purchase your tickets for the 'Adult Time Out' event by clicking HERE

What is Soul Coaching?

with John Davidson

Saturday, February 27th from Noon to 2pm

Author John Davidson will present a free two-hour introduction and demonstration of his unique fusion approach to soul coaching.

John’s technique arises out of thirty years of meditation practice and fifteen years work with Peruvian plant medicine shamanism and Q’ero mysticism integrated with more than ten years of cranial/sacral practice.

His coaching teaches soul skills:

• Shifting identity from the body, mind, and personality to the soul
• Holding soul in the heart
• Using soul to create the sense of safety in the body upon which a soulmated relationship between body and soul depends
• Soul-journeying in the timeline of the body to heal the body’s wounds
• Using the sensuality of the body to activate the skill of knowing that permits the soul to sense its purpose day to day in a rapidly changing world.

Join John to discover whether your soul resonates with his simple technique and whether this process would be a valuable addition to your client practice.

For more information about John and his books, visit his website by clicking HERE

yoga and the creative process

with Christine Reber

Saturday, February 27th from 6-8pm
$30 before February 20th, $35 thereafter

Have you ever felt like you have something beautiful and profound to share but you can’t seem to get it out on paper? Maybe it’s a story or a poem or a magnificent image in your mind’s eye, but you haven’t mustered up the courage to get it out?

Join us for an evening designed to awaken and express your creative voice! Bring your favorite journal, sketchbook, pen(s), and pencil(s) and your curious spirit as we, through a series of restorative poses, gentle movements, guided visualizations, music and breathwork, create space for you to embrace your fears and release the blocks that often come up when we attempt to express the beauty that lies within all of us.

This event is for yogis, writers and artists at all levels - especially those who haven’t discovered their creative voice yet! Limited supplies will be available.

Purchase your advance tickets for this event by clicking HERE

Let your light take flight

A three-part Satva Yoga Workshop with Corrin Vecchitto

PART 2: Finding Joy Through a Positive Challenge
Saturday, February 20th from 10:00 am - 12:30 pm
$30 per class, sign up for all three and pay only $75

Sattva Yoga is a complete path. It was developed in the Himalayas over a decade ago. The practice includes meditation, breath work, hatha postures, vinyasa flows, kriyas, mantras, free movement, and wisdom. There are no levels, arrive as you are and listen to the needs of your body and mind.

PART 2: Finding Joy Through a Positive Challenge
Come learn more about kriyas and a brief description of the deities and how they can help inspire our human spirit. Following will be a warrior-based journey into the Shakti and Shiva that resides in all of us. This class will bring balance to the body and mind through a strong asana, pranayama, and kriya practice.

Purchase your tickets for one class or all three classes at a reduced rate by clicking HERE

Healing Waters Restorative Workshop

with Suzanne Bishop

Saturday, February 27th from 11:30am to 1pm
$20 advance tickets | $25 day of event

Gentle, flowing yoga-based water movements will open the heart and ease the mind. Set your own intention for the deeply healing and relaxing practice of Yoga Nidra, or yogic “sleep”, while supported in a blissful float. Yoga Nidra practice has been shown to ease anxiety and physical pain, as well as improve sleep patterns and overall health.

Purchase your tickets for this event by clicking HERE
This event will sell out fast — register today!

Yoga Therapy for Vibrant Back Health

with Beth McCarthy ERYT Certified Yoga Therapist

PART 1: Low Back, Sacrum and Hips
Sunday, February 28th from 1 to 4pm

$65 per session • $120 for both

In this special two-part series format, Beth will help you develop a nourishing home based yoga therapy routine which includes lifestyle and postural considerations, stress evaporating breath work, targeted stretches, core strengthening, customized poses for your unique upper and/or lower back condition, and relaxation techniques to enhance the healing process.

During your workshop experience, you will learn how to relieve your back pain and get your life back on track through:

• The Healing Power of the Breath
• Inner Core Strength, Flexibility, and Balance Training
• Discovering New,Healthy Postural and Lifestyle Habits
• Establishing Daily Self Care Practices
• Practicing Rest and Renewal
• Strategies for Stress Reduction
• A Personalized Yoga Therapy Program for your Specific Back Condition to take home

PART 2: Upper Back, Neck and Shoulders taking place Sunday, March 6th

Purchase your advance tickets for any of the days for this workshop by clicking HERE

Let your light take flight

A three-part Satva Yoga Workshop with Corrin Vecchitto

PART 3: Diving Into the Chakras
Friday, March 4th from 6:30pm to 8:30pm
$30 per student

Sattva Yoga is a complete path. It was developed in the Himalayas over a decade ago. The practice includes meditation, breath work, hatha postures, vinyasa flows, kriyas, mantras, free movement, and wisdom. There are no levels, arrive as you are and listen to the needs of your body and mind.

PART 3: Diving Into the Chakras
Learn about the Chakras and what each one resembles as we dive into their meaning. We will explore where energy can become stuck and how to release this stuck energy. The Sattva Yoga Journey which follows will be a journey into balancing the energies of being; flowing into harmony.

Purchase your tickets for one class or all three classes at a reduced rate by clicking HERE

Sonic Yin Yang Soak Workshop

with Austin Richman

Saturday, March 12th from 4:30 to 9pm
$30 for the whole workshop

$20 for one class and a soak.

Join Austin Richman for an afternoon of yoga, music, and soaking at world-class Sunwater Spa.

This three part workshop will start with an exhilarating 90-minute Vinyasa class coupled with live music Thereafter, you will be treated to 90 minutes of soaking followed by a Yin class with more live music.

This will be a great way to experience both the Yin and Yang sides of yoga with a fantastic backdrop in one of the most beautiful destinations in the Springs area, soundtrack provided!

All Levels Welcome

Purchase your tickets for the 'Sonic Yin Yang Soak' workshop by clicking HERE

Are Your Isssues Living in Your Tissues?

with Christine Reber and Perri Parkman

Sunday, March 13th from 1 to 3:30pm
$30 before March 5th, $35 thereafter
Add a soak to your experience for only $10

Stress, tension, and emotions living in our tissues can be referred to as “stuck stress”. It takes up residence in the fascia of the body and appears as a result of life experiences such as stress, injury, the aging process and emotional tension.

It is exhausting and debilitating. Join Christine Reber and Perri Parkman as they guide you through specialized MELT moves and Restorative Yoga postures paired with guided visualizations designed to help you regain peace of mind and a healthy body. In this MELT / Restorative Yoga Fusion class, they unite two healing modalities to encourage the release of tension from your tissues, allowing you to experience emotional, mental and cellular renewal.

Purchase your tickets for the 'Are Your Issues Living in Your Tissues?' workshop by clicking HERE

In Celebration of Aqualuz and Equinox


with Kat Tudor & Anika Erikson

Sunday, March 20th from 6 to 8pm
$10 suggested donation

Hooping! Crystals! Yogic Spiral!

Celebrate with us as we welcome the return of longer days and the re-birth that comes with Spring! Join Kat Tudor & Anika Erikson for a one of a kind seasonal celebration featuring hooping, a yogic spiral and crystal celebration of the waters of Manitou.

Bless the water! Bliss for the body!

Join us in our ongoing efforts to heal the Earth’s waters at aqualuz.org

Introductory Reflexology

with Jessica Crofoot

Saturday, April 16th & Sunday, April 17th from 9am to 6pm

$325 per participant | price includes lunch on both days

In Introductory Reflexology you will learn the basic history of the art and science of reflexology, theories of how it works, its benefits, indications and contraindications for its use. You will learn a sequence for a one-hour reflexology session; about 80% of the class is devoted to hands-on practice

Jessica Crofoot is a Massage Practitioner, Reflexologist, and Instructor at the ‘Seattle Reflexology and Massage Center.‘

Jessica’s practice fosters an increase in body awareness, client education and self-empowerment to directly influence personal health. She strives to discover the source of imbalance, pain or discomfort while addressing the symptoms of her clients. She observes the body to identify the integrity of what is moving smoothly and senses any restrictions through a variety of massage and reflexology techniques.

Reserve your space for this informative workshop by clicking HERE


The Living Buddha Within You
WEEKEND WORKSHOP with Frank Berliner

Friday, May 6th thru Sunday, May 8th
$200 per participant

Based on his book of this title, Frank Berliner offers an in-depth exploration of meditation as a powerful means to develop bravery and gentleness in dealing with the challenges of life. Frank will offer lectures, guided mindfulness and awareness practices, group discussion, and individual interviews with each participant. As a result, participants will gain greater insight and confidence about their ability to deal with these challenges.

Frank Berliner is a close student of the pioneering Tibetan Buddhist meditation master and founder of Naropa University, Chogyam Trungpa. Frank has taught Buddhist psychology and meditation for 40 years, most recently as professor of Contemplative Psychology at Naropa since 1995. He is the author of two books: ‘Falling in Love with a Buddha’, and ‘Bravery: The Living Buddha Within You.' He is also a psychotherapist and life coach in private practice in Boulder, Colorado.

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Special Offer
  • " Our stay at The Yoga Nest and experience at SunWater was magnificent. SunWater is a gift to Manitou Springs and Colorado “

  • " A beautiful and healing experience
    at the most sacred and spiritual place
    called SunWater Spa. “

  • "Sunwater Spa is one of the most beautiful and peaceful spaces I've ever been in. It really felt like I was in a completely different world. My family and I spent a lovely evening under a full moon, enjoying the pools and the river walk. The 3 different pool temperatures melted away my stress and allowed me the best night of sleep I've had in a while."


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